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my pyramid tent last winter306 viewsUsed "deadmen" to hold the guylines as my steel spikes wouldn't drive into the heavily iced ground. Changed my bazooko stove chimney to 4 inch as the size and weight of 5 inch was way too much.
Winter Walk337 viewsSnowshoeing up the Split Rock River, rumbling beneath our feet.
Serenity338 viewsWinter camp along Lake Superior
Vigilant Sentry280 viewsSplit Rock Lighthouse
Completed Home-Made Anorak - Hood Up467 viewsThe anorak with the hood up and cinched tight around the face.
White Juan342 views160 cm of snow in 24 hours. WoW!!!!
Home-Made Anorak Front Pocket414 viewsThis is the front pocket with the pocket flaps in place, the snow flaps at the side and the trim along the top.
Home Made Anorak - the Front Pocket468 viewsJust as we started to put it together. The two sides will easily each hold a large leather mitt. The little pockets on the front were designed to hold odds 'n ends like matches, a compass, fire starters, etc.
Home Made Anorak436 viewsHere's the final product in use out on a trip.
Home Made Anorak - Opened Up338 viewsHere's what the neck looks like opened up with the hood down. The big triangular gusset in the front makes the opening very large and helps ventilate if you get hot.
Home Made Anorak - Hood Up403 viewsThe hood is very deep, and extends well beyond the front of the face - not great for peripheral vision, but it sure cuts the wind well.
Home Made Anorak695 viewsHere's the anorak in use at the Deep Freeze trip on Nitro Creek in Feb. 2005
OK, so it's not a canoe. But it IS winter.192 views
Hybrid set-up370 viewsHere's a picture of a seven pole set-up and the side poles for good measure...guess that's more of a 15 pole set-up!
Gibson River213 viewsJust upstream from Gibson Lake. From snowmobile bridge.
8 foot igloo148 viewsThis is a photo of our first igloo completed with the Ice Box. It has an inside diameter of eight feet.
Igloo in Algonquin197 viewsHere's a picture of an igloo built for an overnight in Algonquin. Warm and cozy in the storm.
286 viewsHere's my 8x10 set up with a rope for a ridgepole. I used a 4-part tackle (from a sailboat) for stretching it taut. As you see, no matter how tight you pull, some sag remains.
247 viewsTackle used to tension wall tent ridge-line. 4-times amplification.
Frontenac Park163 viewsFrozen beaver pond in Frontenac
Frontenac281 viewsOut for a winter hike in Frontenac
Fox150 viewsThis little guy seems to have found us 2 years in a row.
Wolf Snare249 viewsHad there been a Beer there, the two of us might have been caught!
Gray Jay130 viewsThe day we were leaving they came to investigate and this was as close as I could get.
Lake Winnipeg 30 below430 viewsTaken on a over night Trek from Grand Beach to Gimli. Sunrise the temp was -30c. I had to cuddle with my stove to get it going... haha
The 28k mark. Back on land.377 views
Pressure crack172 viewsThe fishers said these get to be 2ft in early season. this one was only 2 or 3 inches. When we woke up after a night of thumping ice you could see a bunch of new 1/4 inch cracks around the tent and when trekking.

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Ice jam at 8pm.160 viewsWe walked thru 6 inches of slush right after this!! Yikes!! quickly changed course.
Cozy spot162 views
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