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Transtaiga Road - shredded tire680 viewsAlways carry spare tire on renmote roads (not just a donut).
Waterfall on Pekans River841 viewsMarilyn posing in front of the waterfall.

After about the 1/3 of the portage, we found a paddler's full gear: tarp, PFD, thermarest, clothing, 2 paddles, 60l barrel with no harness (nobody dared to open it). Quite scary to think what happened to this person.,66+52+2.71W&t=h&z=12
4 - side view261 viewsa lateral view of the set up, with the top covered with aluminum foil
Coppermine River229 viewsThe Massacre at Bloody Falls was an incident that took place during Samuel Hearne's exploration of the Coppermine River in 1771. Chipewyan warriors led by Hearne's guide and companion Matonabbee discovered a group of local Inuit camped by rapids approximately 15 kilometres upstream from the mouth of the Coppermine. Just after midnight on July 17, the Chipewyan set upon the Inuit camp and killed approximately 20 men, women and children. Witnessing the massacre traumatized Hearne, and he was haunted by the memories until his death in 1792.

Coppermine River108 viewsFrederic & Rafaelle
Coppermine River93 viewsIn hindsight we could have run Rocky Defile, we scared ourselves by reading too many trip reports.
Canoe tie down front of Audi77 viewsShows a method of attaching rope/webbing to front of car with plastic bumpers and no obvious attachment points. Webbing loops threaded through air grills and looped around bumper supports. When not in use the loops are secured with bungee cords under hood.
Blueberry Lake old growth671 viewsOld Growth Red Pines, Temagami
canoe repair in the field490 viewsMid way down the Pukaskwa in early May. This Royalite Dumoine had seen too many trips and too much UV exposure. Several cracks on the hull, the longest of which about 8". Repaired with fiberglass. Second trip this boat was repaired enroute. Retired after this trip.
Feathered Skies on Makobe Lake292 viewsThird and last day on Makobe Lake campsite, we enjoy our coffee while admiring the changing morning skies.
Canoeing Over Gooseberry Ledge 1901 viewsSetting up to pass solo over Gooseberry Ledge on Upper Red Deer River in Caption canoe.
Canoeing Over Gooseberry Ledge 2917 viewsCanoeing over Gooseberry Ledge in Caption at flow rate of about 25-30 cu-m/s on Upper Red Deer River
Gooseberry Ledge 31015 viewsRunning Gooseberry Ledge on Upper Red Deer River in whitewater kayak.
GPS 1081 viewsGPS View
GPS 182 viewsGPS View
GPS 256 viewsGPS View
GPS 353 viewsGPS View
GPS 450 viewsGPS View
GPS 775 viewsGPS View
GPS 856 viewsGPS View
GPS 987 viewsGPS View
Grants Creek/Pooh Lake/Chateau Lake Route Map202 viewsTaken from MNR: whose site says, “If credit is given and Crown copyright is acknowledged, the materials may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes”. I have marked in my route information in bright pink or black.
trail between John and Kelsie491 viewsmarked by cairns and blazes. In Spring 2009, they had been marked bright red
tired469 viewsthe four happy campers hiking to the top of silver peak, killarney.
On the Eramosa - an easy class I river.438 viewsThe only complication could be sweepers: fallen trees and their branches in the current. At the beginning of the trip, teach novices how to sideslip the boat with draws. Where you think you might encounter such obstacles, guide them with caution. In this year's trip, we encountered nothing dangerous.
Easter on the Rouge, between the 401 and the Lake497 viewsKinda bleak - but the local beaver is not bothered by that and cuts his trees anytime he feels like it
Male flower of spruce in front yard89 viewsNice colour and structure.... It's the first time I noticed these hundreds of little "cones".
Moccasin - embroidered (showing wool liner)244 views
feeder with Common Redpoll182 viewsat top right - the first time in my back yard....
Upper Red Deer River1098 viewsRunning a small ledge on the Upper Red Deer River in Mad River Caption
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