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Temagami Willow Island Lake1586 viewsThis is the older portage landing prior to the relocation south at the western end of the second of two portages between Lady Evelyn Lake and Willow Island. This is an easy route to Willow Island if coming from Diamond or making a loop through Lady Evelyn from the north.
Bayfield River, Heading into Lake Huron1214 viewsThis is my grandkid's first canoe season and they love it...however once we reached the end of the government docks up ahead and turned south (left) they became quite nervous, but never said a word...very quiet paddle in the lake.
Lake Huron at Bayfield, ON960 viewsWe paddled out from the Bayfield River and headed south towards Grand Bend...but did not go very far. It was a great experience for my grandkids...they love canoeing and this was there first season in a canoe.
Bobbit Hole568 viewsEno River NC on April 4 - a little southeastern paddling to start the season.
A Good Traveler754 viewsSouth Western Ontario "The Thames"
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Scenery around Scouter Lake202 viewsThis is typical of the scenery around Scouter Lake, just south of Metagama where we stayed for Deep Freeze '04
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Knights of the Templar Hospital92 viewsThis is a location on the Ardecher River in Southen France
Those ruins were the foundations to a Leaper Hospital. The kicker is that the mud from the local Arceche River was believed to have healing qualities in it
South Nahanni River104 viewsSamba Deh Park-Nice clean park
South Nahanni River126 viewsDeparture Point-Fort Simpson
South Nahanni River127 viewsUNESCO World Heritage Site. We were not impressed
South Nahanni River115 viewsLooking upstream from Virginia Falls Campground with the Sunblood Mountain to the right
South Nahanni River96 viewsThe beginning of the sluice box just before Virginia Falls. Albert Faille use to get firewood from the island in the background
South Nahanni River84 viewsMichel & Daniel at Virgirnia Falls
South Nahanni River100 viewsVirginia Falls
South Nahanni River87 viewsEntrance to Five Mile Canyon just below Virginia Falls
South Nahanni River85 viewsGrappa
South Nahanni River86 viewsForest Fire smoke just below Virginia Falls
South Nahanni River87 viewsDaniel preparing supper
South Nahanni River100 viewsFigure 8 rapids
South Nahanni River107 viewsDaniel paddling towards the Pulpit in smoke from forest fires
South Nahanni River101 viewsPrairie Creek
South Nahanni River147 viewsDaniel amongst the momentos
South Nahanni River128 viewsMomentos
South Nahanni River105 viewsDaniel in the Krauss Hotsprings
South Nahanni River102 viewsDaniel in the Krauss Hotsprings
South Nahanni River108 viewsCamping site at Nahanni Butte
South Nahanni River82 viewsThe Nahanni Butte
Clearwater Lake - Wells Grey Park760 viewsSouthward View During A Rare Sunny Moment
Farm Creek looking south223 views
Approach to Dunlop Lake from the south660 viewspossible, but not sure: launch at Marsh, paddle through Summers and reach Dunlop via Green. The new developments on Dunlop's shore may prevent the last portage.
But the road that approaches Marsh serves the south shore of Dunlop and thus probably runs along most of that lake.
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