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hey where's the snow?220 viewsearly March, 2007...along track and tower trail in Alqonquin Park...'difficult' conditions due to lack of snow. We chose to stay on the land trails as many creeks, beaver dams, lakes were already wet and too slush for fun pulling. Thats a black plastic sled from Can Tire with haul bars made from white plastic plumbing pipe. Great on twisting, turning hiking trails.
2004-10-10 111.JPG
Beaverlodge - Germany68 viewsOn a river about 100km north of Berlin
98 257.jpg
Temagami Spray Creek1337 views1998 the beaver dams were plentiful and the water levels were significant. The drops were 1 to 3 feet in most places.
Beaver River May 24 20091053 views
Busy Beaver92 viewsBusy beaver keeps us company and eventually joins our evening of fishing at Gowganda Lake, Ontario
Beaver Dam, Loon Lake53 viewsWe stopped next to the beaver dam and drifted in close, being very quiet, and were able to listen in on a very eager discussion taking place within.
Friendly Beaver98 views"Called" over beavers to our canoe while fishing at Gowganda Lake, Ontario .... we called him Bobby :o)
Gowganda Beavers116 viewsSundown baiting lines while Lilydipper attracts the beavers
Groomin' Beavers Groovin'108 viewsPair of beavers chattering and grooming at Gowganda Lake, Ontario
Rouge River, Toronto - Beaver Tracks422 viewsseen on a mid-January trip, along the shore between the stranded ice floes and the water's edge
Easter on the Rouge, between the 401 and the Lake497 viewsKinda bleak - but the local beaver is not bothered by that and cuts his trees anytime he feels like it
"They're Back" - the beavers, that is....!188 views
beaver evidence in Scarberia168 views
Beaver landing and workshop152 views
Beaver lodge and feedraft154 views
beaver dam and pond in the middle of Scarberia156 views
beaver pond in the middle of urban Scarberia153 views
beaver lodge in the middle of urban Scarberia167 views
groundhog beside urban beaverpond133 views
In spring, the local wildlife emerges to view the neighbourhood beavers134 viewsAgincourt, S'Carborro....
the neighbourhood beavers at work143 viewsThe City decided the dam was getting to be too high and thus they opened a gap. The beavers disagree and here's one at work...

McCowan and Huntingwood, Agincourt, S'Carborro
Headed upstream on the Beaver565 viewsagainst the "raging" river!
Portage from Devil's lake to Sheldon484 viewsMid point beaver pond with bridge out. Had to load and paddle to the other side.
Frontenac Park163 viewsFrozen beaver pond in Frontenac
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