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Dolomite Cliffs, Current River Ozarks, Mo63 views
Hayes Cliffs419 views
Fish Ladder Waterfall on Moisie (Katchapahun)410 viewsAt the Fish Ladder we took a portage on river right. It is a very steep path up, along a path behind the cliffy hill. Despite the steep profile, the path is relatively in a good shape. Nice camp on the other side, lots of boardwalk & the cabin. We portaged around first R3 (ledge) using the boardwalk.,66+17+39.47W&t=h&z=12
Cliffs of Isacor.jpg
Lake Superior July 2005744 viewsCliffs of Isakor
This was the end of my round trip from Hattie Cove to Point Isakor and back.
Cliffs on Kan.jpg
Cliffs2607 viewsCliffs on the Kanairiktok River
Cliff shoals Current River Ozarks, Mo81 views
Brecchia in cliff (Island in Ten Mile LAke)544 views
Limestone cliff on the Trent River273 viewsat Cambellford (Ferris Park)
Pictographs - Spanish River579 viewsPictographs on Ninth Lake, on the Spanish River route. Sadly, the cliff face containing these pictographs has modern graffiti in other areas.
Makobe Canyon Passage525 viewsNarrow, but deep canyon passage on the Makobe River, enroute to Elk Lake
Camp Site on Sheldon Lake169 viewsThis site was on the northwest side on a high cliff
QEIIWPP - Painted Turtle436 viewsThis Painted turtle came up the cliff and was laying eggs right on the path from the water to the campsite
QEIIWPP - more cliff436 viewsanother Sheldon Lake cliff vbiew
QEIIWPP - Sheldon Lake cliff428 viewsMore cliff views
QEIIWPP- view from cliffs419 viewsWe climbed onto a high cliff for a view down the lake
QEIIWPP - Campsite461 viewsOur campsite on a high cliff
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