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Carcajou Falls Algonquin PP...frog229 views
Did he get the shot?228 viewsRob gets some backup while photographing North Falls on the Churchill River near Otter Lake, Saskatchewan.
Falls, Calder River184 views
Coppermine River229 viewsThe Massacre at Bloody Falls was an incident that took place during Samuel Hearne's exploration of the Coppermine River in 1771. Chipewyan warriors led by Hearne's guide and companion Matonabbee discovered a group of local Inuit camped by rapids approximately 15 kilometres upstream from the mouth of the Coppermine. Just after midnight on July 17, the Chipewyan set upon the Inuit camp and killed approximately 20 men, women and children. Witnessing the massacre traumatized Hearne, and he was haunted by the memories until his death in 1792.

Virginia Falls-Nahanni214 views
Virginia Falls-Nahanni209 views
Brigham Falls480 viewsBrigham Chute & Falls on The Barron River, Algonquin P.P. During the CCR Gathering, Summer 2001.
Cascade Falls.jpg
Lake Superior July 2005891 viewsCascade Falls
Chiniguchi 003.jpg
Falls - Chiniguchi Area231 viewsA small falls near Wolf Lake in the Chiniguchi area, east of Sudbury
Churchill Falls.JPG
Churchill Falls3494 viewsAll that is left of a falls that was twice the size and power of Niagara.
Coulonge river'4287 viewsRapides Gallinotes, between two falls
looking down at the Manitouwabing river705 viewsJust below the falls David skips accoss the rocks looking for interesting things.
South Nahanni River115 viewsLooking upstream from Virginia Falls Campground with the Sunblood Mountain to the right
South Nahanni River96 viewsThe beginning of the sluice box just before Virginia Falls. Albert Faille use to get firewood from the island in the background
South Nahanni River84 viewsMichel & Daniel at Virgirnia Falls
South Nahanni River100 viewsVirginia Falls
South Nahanni River87 viewsEntrance to Five Mile Canyon just below Virginia Falls
South Nahanni River86 viewsForest Fire smoke just below Virginia Falls
Mountain Chutes take out555 viewsEasy cl 1 run just before Mountain Chutes, 20' falls
elk river (2005).jpg
elk river 2005127 viewsgranite falls on the elk river, NWT, 2005.
Falls on the Petawawa168 views
Manitouwabing River831 viewsThis is where the Manitouwabing river dumps into the Seguin river. Under normal water conditions the falls look spectacular, this was not one of those days.
High falls-Gibson River665 viewsThis is the top of High falls on the Gibson river in th distance you cans see the pool that the falls dump into. the top section of the falls look tempting to run but with a fall of at least 30 feet. It is not wise
little falls st croix river671 viewsme and my canoe partners.....
Gravel Falls, high water levels.653 viewsGravel Falls on the Oxtongue River during the fall draw down.
Hanging out at the slide.jpg
Hanging out at the High Falls waterslide471 views
high falls.JPG
High Falls589 viewsA fine time for home school at high falls. First day of fall - 2005.
Jim diving.jpg
Jim diving at High Falls waterslide470 views
Caribou at Kazan Falls149 views
Middle and Upper Cascades, Kazan River162 viewsPanorama of the beginning of the portage around the middle falls of the Kazan.
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