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Lake Kioshkokwi2398 viewsI ran to get my camera as this island emerged from the morning mist on Kioshkokwi Lake - after my very first night camped in Algonquin Provincial Park.
Cold Morning at the Thelon Bluff-No flies152 viewsMaryse my new wife. We had just gotten married in Yellowknife prior to this canoe trip and this was my idea of an honeymoon
Misty morning281 viewsAlgonquin, on Thanksgiving weekend 2003.
Cold morning, Alley Mill run/Jacks Fork Ozarks Mo64 views
Entry to Lake Huron via the Bayfield River, Ontario1255 viewsWe paddled the Bayfield river and are just entering Lake Huron. It is early morning and the mist is still rising. Visibility is low out into the lake, however the shoreline can still be easily seen. It is a great paddle when the waters are calm. This lake is notorious for rough waters...
Catherine's Serenity395 viewsMirror-like refections of beautiful day ahead at Catherine Lake, Northern Ontario. This was an absolutely beautiful lake and so many wonderful campsites. Fish and loons were abudant ..... scenery, spectacular.

Early morning223 views
Wolf Lake, early morning270 views
Feathered Skies on Makobe Lake292 viewsThird and last day on Makobe Lake campsite, we enjoy our coffee while admiring the changing morning skies.
Confluence of the Kechika and Liard882 viewsKechika River where it enters the Liard. Early Morning.
georgi - in the morning314 views
Cains River 2005568 viewsEarly fall morning on the cains
Morning Mist on Third Lake602 viewsHeading out from our campsite on Third Lake on the upper Spanish River
Morning Mist104 viewsA frosty morning, but the payback was a nice display of mist hanging over the lake for the early part of the day.
Morning Temperature76 viewsNice weather most of the time, but we had one cool night - frost on everything when we woke up.
Sunrise on OSA Lake, Killarney490 viewsWe were treated to a great sunrise on this October morning on OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.
Lake St.Francis Algonquin Park.jpg
Lake St.Fransic480 viewsEarly morning shot facing west. Taken by a cheapo disposable camera. August 29, 2004
Sundown's Element283 viewsPhoto taken from inside the tent at Alexander Lake, enroute through the Makobe River. Morning light perfectly "frames" my "subject" at it's truest "form".....timeless.
Morning on Obabika317 views
Calm Water404 viewsAfter being wind bound at the portage for 2 nights the lake turned to glass the next morning.
Relaxing143 viewsAfter a morning of fishing, local man relaxing in his dugout, with young daughter on shore.
Early Morning Paddle Temagami106 viewsEarly morning paddle on Temagami near Cross Lake.
Sunrise on Obabika111 viewsI never get tired of mornings like this
Temagami Morning163 viewsThis is what I want to see every morning when I wake up
Spirit Rising177 viewsEarly morning light and smoky campfire surrounds and captures the true essence of my Sundown, without him even knowing that I was taking pictures.
morning fishing144 viewsmorning on wasaksina, temagami labour day 2005
wendy at turn in am.JPG
Turner Rapids on Kipawa River--Morning Mist783 views
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