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Muriel Lake, Killarney307 viewsAugust 1996.......shot with a cheap panoramic disposable camera. It says everything that I could ever say about canoeing..... and more
Eramosa River, Good Friday 2009490 views
Eramosa River, Good Friday 2009539 views
On the Eramosa - an easy class I river.438 viewsThe only complication could be sweepers: fallen trees and their branches in the current. At the beginning of the trip, teach novices how to sideslip the boat with draws. Where you think you might encounter such obstacles, guide them with caution. In this year's trip, we encountered nothing dangerous.
Eramosa River near Guelph, Good Friday 2006425 views
Mason152 viewsOn a trip on OSA Lake, Killarney
Sunrise on OSA Lake, Killarney490 viewsWe were treated to a great sunrise on this October morning on OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.
OSA Lake, KIllarney166 viewsSmoke from a nearby forest fire created a rather hazy day.........
OSA Lake Sunset230 views
OSA Lake, KIllarney 2000590 viewsShot from the top of the dome between OSA and Muriel Lake, looking towards OSA............ a great climb !
Lake St.Francis Algonquin Park.jpg
Lake St.Fransic480 viewsEarly morning shot facing west. Taken by a cheapo disposable camera. August 29, 2004
Debbie and Mason142 viewsDeb and Mason on a ridge overlooking OSA Lake in Killarney
Richard and Mason104 viewsAdmiring the scenery on OSA Lake in Killarney
Mason at the waterfront121 viewsMason out on the rocks getting ready for another swim in OSA Lake
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