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Sailing833 viewsMe and my windscoop on Clear Lake
Dan Sailing87 viewsDan Thomsen shows off his canoe sailing skills
Red Sail 01.jpg
Nylon Sprit Sail255 views
Red Sail 02.jpg
Nylon Sprit Sail on Spider Lake236 views
Fiddlehead Canoe by Harry Bryan592 viewsJordan sails the Fiddlehead canoe on Halifax Harbour.
Sailing Rig.jpg
Sailing1654 viewsWe make a tri hull rig from the three canoes and saoil for almost two days, Snegamook Lake, Labrador.
Sprit Sail Rig76 views
286 viewsHere's my 8x10 set up with a rope for a ridgepole. I used a 4-part tackle (from a sailboat) for stretching it taut. As you see, no matter how tight you pull, some sag remains.
White Sail 01.jpg
Poly Sail on Lake Temagami207 views
White Sail 02.jpg
Poly Sail with Tuc Tape441 views
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