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January 3, 2009 - - Midland, Ontario121 viewsShovelling snow
Winter Walk337 viewsSnowshoeing up the Split Rock River, rumbling beneath our feet.
hey where's the snow?220 viewsearly March, 2007...along track and tower trail in Alqonquin Park...'difficult' conditions due to lack of snow. We chose to stay on the land trails as many creeks, beaver dams, lakes were already wet and too slush for fun pulling. Thats a black plastic sled from Can Tire with haul bars made from white plastic plumbing pipe. Great on twisting, turning hiking trails.
nylon webbing toe plastic clip detail105 views
plastic heel clip102 views
Northwestern Ontario Snowstorm, May 17 2009 image217 views
Home-Made Anorak Front Pocket414 viewsThis is the front pocket with the pocket flaps in place, the snow flaps at the side and the trim along the top.
Day 4 Snowstorm61 viewssnowstorm at a quiet spot where I could stop paddling
Day 4 Snowy River63 viewssnow on trees after the blizzard stopped
Day 5 Snowy Beach56 viewsexample of a snowy beach where boat tends to tobaggan into the lake
early December 200659 viewsWould you believe that we had this much snow in only one night?!
A freakish plop of 66cm overnight hit London, making for a snow day the Friday .
Lots of white stuff to make a slide in the front yard.
DeepFreeze 044.jpg
Scenery around Scouter Lake202 viewsThis is typical of the scenery around Scouter Lake, just south of Metagama where we stayed for Deep Freeze '04
Snowshoer silhouette223 views2008 winter gathering pic
Axe and Snow241 views2008 Winter Gathering pic.
Gibson River213 viewsJust upstream from Gibson Lake. From snowmobile bridge.
Finished snowshoes69 viewsJust finished these a week ago.
Tee Harbour, Sleepy G445 viewsview of tee harbour from the top of the sleeping giant trail near thunder bay in early november
Black River near Madoc, Ont248 viewsSnowshoeing March 1, 2009
Squirrel tunneling towards bird feeder201 viewsAbout 30cm of powder snow have made it impractical for the squirrel to bound across the lawn to reach the seeds below the bird feeder. So s/he tunneled towards it from the hedge in the back ground. There are two "air holes" (right and bottom right) pushed out from underneath, but no tracks leading away from those.
Snowy Owl Chicks167 viewsBanks Island NT Thomsen River In the two weeks we were on the river we saw so many nests like this. The parents would leave dead lemmings around the edge of the nest for the chicks.
The Snowshoe Man's Address135 viewsFor those interested..
121 viewsshort legs, loved snow
Snow Dogs.jpg
Bill Mason Paddle184 viewsLast paddle of the year, happening on the day of the first snowfall ala the scene from Waterwalker.
Snowbank Lake sunrise, Aug 18, 2011441 viewsLooking east at the sunrise that is blocked by the storm that started the Pagami Creek fire.
snowshoe patterns133 viewsfrom Paul Provencher's "I Live in the Woods" (Brunswick Press Ltd., 1953)
White Juan342 views160 cm of snow in 24 hours. WoW!!!!
Winter Camp at Tucker Lake376 viewsWhile camping in the Forest at Tucker Lake, the lowest temperature recorded was -48 degrees. Throw water up in the air and it froze before hitting the snow.
The fishing was good. The food and company was great.
Traditional handmade snowshoes and toboggans were used for snow travel.
Steamer #1114 viewsBuilt this fall for snowshoe building
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